Stories from Slate

Stories from Slate

Younger readers may not realize how much active enthusiasm and support the Chilean and South African regimes evoked in right-wing circles in the late s. They were seen as the front lines in the global war on communism, tough governments unafraid to to take needed measures. FWIW, I have no problem affirming that Hayek was a genius, one of the major social thinkers of the 20th century and absolutely worth reading. First you need to turn it about so: There — now the meaning is clear, and that it is true as well. He sees discovery as entirely based on individual actions in the market and elsewhere , with communication speech as a distinct process which comes after discovery.

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Such operations have nothing to do with criminal gangs. Since counterintelligence stalking goes far beyond surveillance — into the realm of psychological terrorism, it is essentially a form of extrajudicial punishment. As such, the harassment is illegal — even when done by the government.

In honor of the re-opening of , I have decided to release the Metal Thug Seal of Approval. Look for it in the future to accompany articles, recent news headlines, and pictures here on Remember, if the masses approve, you probably should too – Since you’re included.

David posted the original fascinating piece now removed on his own Facebook page last Monday. I asked his permission to quote it, which is why I did not post my own blog about it until yesterday. David said in this added section that he was pleased it was ultimately Garry Bushell not Julian Clary who became unemployable, that Bushell had hardly worked since and is an active UKIP member. David wanted the blog removed in general, as I understand it, because I told him I was going to ask Garry Bushell questions as a follow-up and in my view to allow GB a full come-back.

David was also angry because I would not immediately post in public a private message Garry Bushell sent me. I am not an active member of UKIP and my column is still published nationally. He is also offended that I have allowed Garry Bushell to respond to various claims. So here, alas without any counterbalancing arguments or facts from David, is what Garry Bushell answered in reply to some questions I asked him: You wrote a piece trying to get Julian banned from live TV. He must hate you.

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So far, we know that the U. It enlisted the help of foreign intelligence agencies, specifically the British and Australians. It misled FISA courts into granting warrants to spy on Americans and, post factum, threatened long prisons sentences with those surveilled and interviewed. And as a result, it has so far found no collusion but may well find some misleading statements in hundreds of hours of testimonies from the likes of Michael Cohen, Michael Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos, and perhaps Jerome Corsi and Roger Stone.

A letter concerning Social Credit plus lengthy reply, published in SOCIALIST STUDIES, No. 7, undated but sometime in This pamphlet was published by the Socialist Party of Great Britain, London. Pages unnumbered but letter pages printed verbatim as CRITICISM FROM A FOLLOWER OF MAJOR DOUGLAS. Pages is the REPLY.

Fuck the Taliban Malala Yousufzai In an act of complete faggotry, earlier this week members of the Taliban decided to chase down a school bus in Swat Valley, Pakistan; in search of a little girl who had committed an egregious sin – authoring a blog, which criticized said Taliban. After chasing the bus down, the cowards proceeded to ask the little girls inside to identify Malala Yousufzai – and then opened fire, injuring two other girls also in the vehicle, while attempting to kill Malala.

They almost succeed in murdering Malala, as they strike the child in the neck with a bullet. She is rushed to the hospital, and luckily survives after the bullet is removed, though barely. The Taliban issues the following statement after learning of Malala’s survival: Every time you start to think those drone strikes are immoral, and should be internationally banned, something like this happens and reminds you that a drone strike aimed at these uneducated fucking cave hoppers would be a great fucking idea.

I understand fighting for beliefs, and I understand people have differences. As terrible as it is, war can be necessary. But shooting up a little girl on the way home from school? For writing a blog? Want to know where the line is drawn? Right here mother fuckers.

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July 26th, , 3: Winston and mods, I am reaching out and I ask you to make this topic a sticky here until the situation I’m describing is addressed. Unfortunately, it may be awhile. This is a long read, but for the folks on here who feel that the nation is driven into the ground by the NWO and Obama’s socialism The further you go, the more Orwellian it gets.

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After sixteen years on death row, Anthony Porter would find his freedom. How do you stay connected. Gay socialist thug dating At the level of organizations, practices and policies relating to gender management are generally in the sphere of human resource management HRM. Out of habit I had referred to gay‘s empowerment as gay‘s rights. Founded in Kiev in by Natalia, her matchmaking reputation is well known in Ukraine and is recognized by the Professional Matchmakers Associations.

Wanna elaborate on that a bit, Peter. One that to this day, I still envy. Another really thought-provoking and interesting article.

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July 5th, , 9: The Corporation the U. I tried to get into the music industry there, they deflected me saying I was too aggressive because I was trying to shove my music-production demos down their throats.

George Soros is not a top-ranking financier, he is like the mafia thug, without a real conscience, like a thug sent to kill a friend of yours, but only a hit-man for the really big financial interests, hired out to rob your friends, and you, of about everything, including their nation, and your personal freedom.

In a discussion about Judge Yeldham, revealed to have been a secret homosexual, Trebilco described how homosexuals met each other in public places. One did what are called beats. These are railway stations, public conveniences, parks, and there you met men and you had remarkably anonymous and quick sex, and then put that to one side, that was a part of your life, that for that day was now closed and you went back to whatever else it was that you wanted to do. And what stage in your life did you ?

I started doing that at the age of If he started when he was eleven years old, there must have been plenty of adult homosexuals who were not averse to taking advantage of an eleven-year-old boy. Homosexual, pederast and paedo-pornographer. Tricker worked for ten years as a teacher until dismissed for child sex offences in Boys would be taken from care-homes or supplied by pederast brothels in Amsterdam.

In he was stopped at Dover by customs officials who found him in possession of videos with obscene content. They were advertising available boys to prospective or regular customers. Tricker insisted he did not know what was in the videos and was merely carrying them for someone else.

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President was not just reality-TV magic. It was the culmination of a succession of efforts, dating back more than a century, to inject conspiracy theories and bigotry into the election process on a massive scale by way of populist upheavals and the sly manipulation of legitimate concerns. Rachel Maddow discussed this pattern on MSNBC in May and, among other things, compared briefly the parallels between the rise of Trump and the near-rise of or five-year period of substantial support for Lyndon LaRouche and his followers in the s.

Nov 30,  · Everyone but Q-Tip is gay. Tyrese is a gang-gangster so I believe it. Tyson is not gay he plays feminine for the modeling world which is run by ****. Russell Simmons believes everything in the world is free so that’s believable. Will Smith has reached to the top of whiteness so I can believe that.

Culture Roosh For many years, I have been at the forefront of teaching men how to embrace their masculinity, maximize their potential, and sleep with beautiful women. What I thought was a war against men is really a battle within a bigger war against white people. You will only get attacked by the establishment if your advice, beliefs, or teachings can possibly help whites, regardless of your own race or sex.

If your productive or artistic output could improve the status, reproductive potential, or income earning potential of whites, you will be attacked. If your output helps anyone but whites, or if you can prevent whites from being born by promoting sterility, homosexuality, or abortion, you will be declared a national hero.

Can your self-improvement advice possibly help white men become stronger and more masculine? You will be put on a hate list. Does your NFL activism raise awareness for the oppression of black men?

MAJOR WORKS with brief synopses: [still under construction]

However, much has happened since it went up, including the Blogger outage. Scroll down for a report on that. More new posts will be added below this one. The essay below is the conclusion of the ninth part in a series by Takuan Seiyo.

The socialist government of Venezuela to solve starvation problem by mandating that people buy food. Read more.. The real reason for the California plastic straw ban Spit-Ball Guns.

The misty skies darken, the sun weakens, the bare trees are black against the fading light. Oh, for the wonderful imagined warmth of wartime isolation, with no annoying foreign allies and the enemy close but unable to reach us. This is the perfect atmosphere in which to turn to the novels of Nevil Shute, an author whose popularity defies fashion and literary snobbery. And now I have the great advantage of knowing a good deal more about him, thanks to a necessary and informative new biography Shute: Did such a person really exist?

I saved up my pocket money so that I could sometimes stroll down to Havant station and extravagantly buy a first class day return to the bleak terminus at West Town, at the far end of Hayling Island. This entitled me to sit in a heavily-cushioned compartment redolent of the s, and look out grandly as we rattled past the back of our house.

At the other end, there was little to do but admire the rain-soaked street and wait for the train back – apart from haunting a dusty, irregular junk shop on the run-down parade. Like the train, it looked as if it had survived accidentally from the pre-war age, and was just waiting until somebody in authority noticed it was there, and arrived to tear it down or tart it up.

Birds of a feather President Trump and Lyndon LaRouche

Just click on the links to get to the materials described. If anyone has any further lesson plans, activities, topics etc. To further help, below these resources you will also find synopses of most of Miller’s major works. It includes a biography of Miller, brief synopsis, production history, influences on the play with several useful links, short commentaries on theme, character, as well as timelines and student activities, suggestions of comparative works and an annotated bibliography. All My Sons GCSE study guide material from the UK, with an introduction to the play, background to the action, discussion of Joe Keller as a representative type, outline of events before the play, and notes on the structure, characters, good quotes to consider, Chris’s relationship with his father, and a guide to writing about the play.

The president of the gay dating app Grindr has faced a backlash for appearing to suggest that marriage should be between a man and a woman. Like Reply 9h Updated DJ Khaled, Floyd Mayweather Jr. charged with cryptocurrency fraud.

Will Kanye’ West White House Dinner include Collard Greens and Ham Hocks If you just accidentally hit the wrong button on your TV remote and caught a brief glimpse of the commentary on rapper Kanye West you may have noticed the phrase “token negro” being used over and over again as he was bashed by the likes of Don Lemon and others. Have you ever noticed that when CNN refers to conservative blacks, they almost always use the term ‘negro’ and when referring to liberal blacks it always the term “blacks” that is used.

I know what those sorry hypocrites over at CNN are thinking as they spout the term ‘negro’. It’s as close as one can get to the “N” word without being fired. And they literally hate them. Being an old southern boy, raised on what is today often called soul food, I would hope the main dish was collard greens and ham hocks. I’m quite sure the President’s guest, that included not only Kanye, but football great Jim Brown would have appreciated this jester.

Of course, liberals would have called this racist. Commented it made his feel like superman.

Sherry Wolf: LGBT Politics at Socialism 2010 Conference

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